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Business Energetics and the Soul Type test

Maximize your genius. See your blind spots. Find your way forward.

Business Energetics is an accelerated journey

into self-awareness 

Built around the Authentic Expression test, Business Energetics offers reports and in-depth courses specific to your Authentic Expression. It will open you up to a deeper level of self understanding, which can have a transformative effect on your business.

What makes Business Energetics programs unique is that they go beyond learning about your qualities, strengths and weaknesses. They dive deep into HOW your specific magic works. They do this by focusing on the most powerful aspect of your behavior - the thing that you do that most affects your lived experience: your decisions.

"Business Energetics is more than a 

personal development learning experience. 

It's an awakening."

Your decisions are the gateway to 

rapid personal growth

Your decisions are at the start of everything you do, and they determine what comes next. They direct your attention and your energy. The process you use to make your decisions shapes what you create. 

Business Energetics is actionable learning because our programs show you your decision process -HOW you do what you do.  In the same way that great golfers improve by breaking their swing down into small steps, we'll look at your decision process step by step so that you'll see your own process with total clarity. Your decisions become the gateway to rapid personal growth.

Where this knowledge becomes exponentially powerful is when you next understand where you and your gifts fit into the bigger picture. Business Energetics offers a model of understanding how energy flows through your business, how a business grows and develops, and how each of the different Authentic Expressions contribute to that process. So it provides a map, and then shows you where you are on that map.

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Take the FREE quiz to find out which of four deep, Intrinsic Motivations is driving you. This quiz is a component of the Authentic Expression test and gives you a focused and helpful understanding of what you need for true fulfillment in your work.

Your Intrinsic Motivation is the power behind your goals and intentions. It's the deep, internal WHY.

When you take this short quiz, you'll discover which of 4 different Intrinsic Motivations speaks directly to you, and how to re-frame your goals and intentions  to connect them to your own natural, powerful internal drive.

What People Are Saying About Business Energetics

"Knowing I am an Expressive type has helped me maximize impact and influence. I know where I’m at my best and most of service, and where I have opportunities to develop. I’m a better contributor, more iterative and creative without the second guessing. It’s freeing and even comforting to be unapologetic about my gifts, while drawing the best out of other types so we are more effective as a whole."

Sheila Delaney Duke
- The Delaney Duke Group

"Today I booked two new clients, 3 Discovery Sessions, and sold more book copies in one day than ever before. I made over $1,000 in sales in a single day for the first time! "

Wendy Rose Williams
- Author and Hypnotherapist

“As an entrepreneur owner of an energy healing business, this program was exactly what I needed to develop and grow my business to the next level. I highly recommend Business Energetics!”

Molly Grove
- Bio-Energy Healing Source
Anne Tucker

Creator of Business Energetics

About Anne Tucker

I'm the creator of Business Energetics. I work with business owners, leaders and teams through individual and team coaching as well as group facilitation, to help my clients turn around problems, surpass their goals, and find greater satisfaction in their work.

The focus of my work is helping to redefine business for a more spiritual age, where the work we do becomes a conscious pathway to our own self-development. 

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