The  Authentic Expression test

for your personal journey

Maximize your genius. See your blind spots. Find your way forward.

On your path to awakening, the single biggest tool in your toolbox is self-awareness. 

Awakening is opening to the truth of who you really are, and understanding that you - your beliefs, fears and patterns, are the only thing that's holding you back. And your gifts are there, beneath the surface, waiting to emerge. The more that you understand yourself, the easier the process becomes. Awareness is often enough to create the change you're looking for.  

Through developing your self-awareness, you can come to understand yourself as a creator, which is the truth of who you really are. And that is the goal of the Authentic Expression test: to dive deep into HOW your specific magic works

Your Authentic Expression tells you how you are creative in the world and how you solve problems. It shows you what you’re great at, and where you'll run into trouble.

The 7 Authentic Expressions

These creative differences between us can be grouped into seven different, distinct Authentic Expressions. Each expression is particularly good at one aspect of problem solving because of how those individuals think about problems. 

When you know your Authentic Expression, you see your own gifts and abilities more clearly, and understand how they impact what you are creating in your life. 

You can learn your Authentic Expression by taking this short survey. 

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After the survey, you can receive the full report with a description of your Authentic Expression as well as a recap of the other 6 types. You'll learn your natural creative strengths and weaknesses, as well as what types of partnerships are most supportive of your gifts.

Anne Tucker's insights and analysis are so correct that they really helped me to improve my decision making process and achieve my goals. I am grateful for all the useful advice I received and the chance to better my life.

Daniela Cilia

Knowing I am an Expressive type has helped me maximize impact and influence. I know where I’m at my best and most of service, and where I have opportunities to develop. It’s freeing and even comforting to be unapologetic about my gifts.

Sheila Delaney Duke

Join me for the course,

30 Days from Doubt to Flow 

You're good at a lot of things. And when you're doing what you're good at, you feel confident and sure of yourself. But staying inside the lines, doing only what you already know, means you aren't growing.

Doing something new can be scary. And the more you want to do it, the scarier it gets. When you think about it, your faith in yourself seems to evaporate. You can end up struggling with a common enemy:


Woman struggling with doubt

Why is self-doubt so debilitating?

Doubt makes it harder and harder to keep up your enthusiasm because you worry that every step forward might be going further in the wrong direction. Fears about doing it wrong, or messing it up start to take over. It makes your energy feel heavy and slow. Every step takes twice as much effort because you're struggling against your own doubt.


What is your doubt costing you?

How much does it cost you to be in doubt over the course of a week, a month, a year?


Think of the valuable days you lost to procrastination


The stress you felt and the sleep you lost second-guessing yourself 


And the great idea you gave up on because you were struggling with self-doubt. 

What could it have been worth to you, emotionally and financially?

More than most of us want to admit.

But everyone experiences doubt. Aren't we just stuck with it?

The more doubt you purge from your life, the more you begin to feel in flow

I think of flow as the effortless, synchronistic unfolding of your life in a way that moves you toward the life that you were meant to live.

When you’re in flow, 

it’s like success is inevitable,  

and you are just connecting the dots between you and your awesome future.


Who wouldn't want more of that?

Untangling your doubt

Think about your own experience of doubt. You don’t feel doubt about every decision you make. In fact you probably feel great about most of your decisions.

So what makes some of your choices different? Why does doubt affect you SOME OF THE TIME? That’s the critical question, because once you understand how your doubt gets started, you can take steps to prevent it.

Your way of experiencing doubt isn’t like everyone else’s. 

Doubt affects each of us differently, based on our Authentic Expression. It will enter into your creative process at a specific place, in a specific way.

Once you know your Authentic Expression, you can learn exactly where and how doubt begins to affect you, so you can learn how to stop your doubt before it starts.

Your Authentic Expression can tell you how you think and solve problems, which forms how you are creative in the world. Breaking your own creative process down in this way can show you exactly where doubt starts in your decisions, why it starts, and how you can recover to get back into flow.

Are you ready to leave doubt behind?

I’d like to invite you to take this next step learning about yourself through your Authentic Expression by being part of a special learning experience that will help you master your own doubt.

30 Days from Doubt to Flow is a 30-day, guided experience

that will show you how to get back into flow!

In just 30 days, you’ll become an expert at your own personal doubt. You’ll know where it starts in your decisions, why it starts, and how you can recover to get back into flow.

You'll receive short, easy-to-watch videos, tailored specifically to your Authentic Expression, delivered to your inbox every other day. It breaks this learning process down into small bites so you can absorb it easily for real, lasting change.

What you'll learn - The course outline


Ambiguity is everywhere

 Step one is to understand the enemy. In this case, it's ambiguity.

In this section we'll break it down so you know exactly what you're up against.



Why BEST isn't always best

Get ready for a big shift, because we'll be unwinding some assumptions that most of us make about what makes a good decision. It's a whole new, and much more successful way of thinking about it.


Your decision process, Step-by-Step

In the same way that great golfers improve by breaking their swing down into small steps,

we'll look at your decision process step by step so that you'll see your own process with total clarity.


Where doubt creeps in

Here you'll see what makes your own decision process unique, based on your Authentic Expression.

You'll also see exactly where and how it opens you up to doubt, and what to do about it.


How to get back on track

What do you do when you're already unhappy with a decision that's not easy to change?

In this section you'll learn how you can get back on track to loving your choice.

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  • Free yourself to do what you've only been dreaming of!

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Taking the Authentic Expression test is a pre-requisite for 

30 Days from Doubt to Flow

That's because there are seven different versions of the course, and the right one for you will depend on your Authentic Expression. Once you know your Authentic Expression, you can reduce the doubt in your life by taking this course. 

(You can learn your Authentic Expression without receiving the report if you prefer.  Just click here and you'll start the survey.)

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