The Missing Piece  of the

Innovation Puzzle

Develop your organization's capacity for innovation

with Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test

How Business Energetics can work

for your large organization

Business Energetics helps you identify, develop, and support innovation in your organization so that you can find new sources of competitive advantage to fuel your growth.

Innovation can be a game-changer in just about any area of your company. From your profit model, branding, customer service and engagement, your structure, processes and even your partnerships; all have the potential to catapult your company forward through innovation. The problem is that most companies struggle to understand innovation. They don’t know how to support or develop innovation within their organization.

Business Energetics is a personal development learning experience created by Anne Tucker that provides a map for your organization to understand and maximize it's capacity for innovation. It provides a learning structure and actionable insights at all levels of an organization.


For the individual 

To understand where, how, and when each person can express their greatest potential for innovation.


For teams  

To collaborate more effectively by mapping, understanding and supporting each person's natural aptitude for and role in the process of innovation.


For the broader organization 

To add a deeper understanding of it's own culture, and how it can most effectively improve it's response to and support of innovation.

The Authentic Expression Test

The Authentic Expression test is the starting point for Business Energetics. It's a dive deep into HOW each person can access their own, specific gifts for innovation

The Authentic Expression test reveals how each person is creative in the world and how they solve problems. It shows how and where they are most valuable to the innovation process, what types of solutions they’re great at, and where they'll need more support. Developing this self-awareness, which is highly specific to how they work, is an opportunity to unlock immense potential for your organization.

Innovation isn’t a personality trait. In fact, every one of your employees has the capacity to innovate. Their skills only need to be recognized, understood and developed.

There isn’t just one way to innovate (and that’s what’s exciting!). Each person does it differently, and so they each have the potential to see problems with a fresh eye, and to create the strategies and solutions that will impact your bottom line.

The 7 Authentic Expressions

The creative differences between us can be grouped into seven different, distinct Authentic Expressions. Each expression is particularly good at one aspect of problem solving because of how those individuals think about problems. 

How is this test different?

Other popular psychometric tests you're familiar with focus on personality types. In fact, many of them are based on the same five personality factors. 

The Authentic Expression Test is different. It focuses on the most powerful aspect of your behavior - the thing that you do that most affects how and what you create in the world: your decisions.

Business Energetics then takes it a step further by showing how each of the seven different types relate to each other within the overall process of innovation, providing a road map to help teams and organizations work together more effectively.

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Anne Tucker

Creator of Business Energetics

About Anne

Anne is an international best-selling author and the creator of Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test. She is helping to redefine how we think about our work so that it becomes a conscious pathway to our own personal development. 

Decision-making has been the focus of Anne’s 20-year career working with some of the most influential business leaders of our time. Her insights into the decision-making process helped her clients—executives from some of the most successful companies in the world—turn around problems, surpass their goals, and find greater satisfaction in their work. 

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