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What is your deep, internal WHY?


Are you self-sabotaging, chasing the wrong thing? Take the FREE quiz to find out what you really want. 

Tired of setting intentions that never make it off your vision board?  Put some muscle behind your intentions by connecting to the deep, intrinsic power of your own fulfillment.

Your Intrinsic Motivation is the power behind your intentions. It's the deep, internal WHY.

When you take this short quiz, you'll discover which of 4 different Intrinsic Motivations speaks directly to you, and how to re-frame your goals and intentions  to connect them to your own natural, powerful internal drive.

Find Deep Fulfillment

Build a business that aligns with your Intrinsic Motivation, and your own deep fulfillment

Understand Yourself Better

Learn what your Intrinsic Motivation means, what it looks like, and how it causes you to show up in the world

Connect to your Power

Learn how to re-frame your goals and intentions so that they are powered by your Intrinsic Motivation

I'm an international best-selling author, speaker, and the founder of Business Energetics. I've found that there are four deep Intrinsic Motivations that drive us toward fulfillment. Knowing yours is the important first step in learning the seven different forms of manifestation that are needed to grow your business.e found 

        Anne Tucker