Discover your Soul Type

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There are seven different Soul Types. Together, they offer a map for self-understanding as a creator. 

Each Soul Type is particularly good at one aspect of problem solving because of how they think about problems.

Knowing your Soul Type helps you to see the thought process you use to manifest in the world (and yes, there are seven distinctly different ways of doing it!) You'll be shocked to see how different each type is, and how powerful they each are in their own way.

Learning about your Soul Type helps you master your own creative energy so that you can manifest more easily, in flow with your natural preferences and with the overall process of creation.

Why Soul Types?

You have something special to offer.  Do you know why you're important? How do you define or explain the value that you bring? Other people might be able to do what you do, but not in the same way.  You can feel the impact you have on others but it's hard to name and define.

We all struggle with existential questions- Who am I, why am I, what is different about me, why am I important?  It's very hard to see yourself from the inside. 

Get meaningful answers

Learning about your Soul Type provides real, tangible, meaningful answers to these questions that will resonate with your experience, so you’ll feel their truth.

Change how you see yourself

These answers will settle into your awareness, changing how you see yourself and the world forever. It will open the door to your full self-expression.

Start with what motivates you

One of the pillars that determines your Soul Type is your deepest, intrinsic motivation. Your intrinsic motivation is the power behind your intentions. It's your deep, internal WHY. 

When you take this short quiz, you'll discover which of 4 different Intrinsic Motivations speaks directly to you, and how to re-frame your goals and intentions  to connect them to your own natural, powerful internal drive.

Get the Book

Undoubtedly Awesome by Anne Tucker is an introduction to the methodology behind Soul Types. It will tell you which of seven Soul Types you are, how you create in the world, and what that means for your experience of doubt. You'll see how doubt creeps into your creative process and how to stop it before it starts.

This book was a business changer! I am so grateful to have found it. I highly recommend it to anyone to find a better understanding of yourself and how you operate.

Michael Sheridan

Aisling School of Dream Interpretation

This book has given me a tremendous knowledge about how I make decisions. I feel incredibly empowered by it. I highly recommend this book!

Monica Merlot



Panel Discussion Video

See the seven different Soul Types come to life in a speaker panel, and learn more about which one is yours.

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Learn the four-step process to loving your decisions from the book, Undoubtedly Awesome.